“Everyone is a genius in some unique way, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid.” Albert Einstein

Do you know a child in the “bottom half” of the traditional school system? Is it possible that he or she believes it’s 100% due to their inefficiency? Could this lead to rebellious behavior, isolation, or mental health issues? If these questions speak to some pain that you are feeling or you know a young adult who is struggling a bit, add your email below to stay informed of solutions!

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Think outside the box!

James Finlen “Fin-Deisel”
Founder & CEO, School Apps Today, LLC

This mission is dedicated to my former student, Dakota, who was also my greatest teacher! She showed me that those with the greatest gifts to offer others are often the least recognized by the current system.

The Truth

Many children who are struggling can probably do better by recognizing the main opportunities they have during the school day. Taking advantage of opportunities to improve time management, social skills, and that critical muscle of “self-discipline” (just do it, even when you don’t feel like it) are a few examples. Students need to understand that developing those “muscles” will help them to succeed better as a father, mother, or in any career path that they choose…even as a YouTube Professional 🙂

It’s also very true that humans are not built to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. Is it possible that adding more individual accommodations is doing more long-term harm than good? Do children need to feel the pain of their mistakes and figure out how to overcome adversity, to learn the most critical life lessons?

My 20 years of teaching and coaching helped me to see firsthand just how impactful some of these small “philosophical” adjustments can be for a young person. I also witnessed how hard-working, talented, creative, and caring the professionals are in our classrooms. These dedicated people understand that they are fighting an uphill battle and are hungry for opportunities to improve this situation for students.

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James Finlen
Founder & CEO
School Apps Today, LLC
The U.S. Surgeon General declared an “epidemic of loneliness and isolation.” There is a mental health crisis evolving that is bigger than we currently realize.

I have learned that many, many adults are more than willing to mentor a young person and most children are eager to learn from the experience of someone willing to share. What if there was a system where these mentoring relationships could scale quickly using a method that maximizes time and significantly benefits both people?

Suicide rates are off the charts according to official statistics. If a student is unsuccessful in the traditional environment, we look to medication or accommodations. What is there was a more accurate message to students that said: Hey, this traditional environment is not ideal for most people, and you may have great gifts that we have not allowed you to recognize and develop. How about this for a deal? We will fight to make the changes that can help you and the many others in your situation while you take advantage of the opportunities that you do have here every day. Sound good?

As a special education teacher, I would sometimes provide support in an Algebra 1 classroom. One student, let’s call him Johnny, was hard to engage in the lesson and would try to sleep at his desk. One day, I asked him to step out into the hallway and told him this: Look, I understand that you may not be interested in Algebra or see how it will help you in life. Am I right? He nodded. I then said, here is the key: The most important thing that you are trying to gain here in Algebra is self-discipline, or the ability to force yourself to do what you know you should, even when you don’t feel like it! This is a muscle that you are trying to build through repetition. The stronger you build it now, the more it will help when you face hard times as a father or need to compete for ANY job!

The term “energy efficient” communicates the goal for someone who chooses to engage with this application in the future. If we can gain the greatest outcomes or benefits in less time by utilizing specific strategies, that allows us extra time for other priorities. That is the basis of the 80/20 law or the Pareto Principle.

Getting crystal clear on our goals daily, helps us to achieve those outcomes with greater speed and more significant outcomes. Some call this “the secret” or “the law of attraction” but I simply use this practical example to illustrate how it works. My wife and I decided to buy an RV about 7 years ago. We had never owned one and knew very little about them. We began to do some research and began to learn more details. Suddenly, we began to notice every RV we passed on the road, the model, the length, and much more. We even noticed RV’s in our neighborhood that had been there for years, which we never noticed.

Why did we suddenly begin to pick up every little nugget of “RV info” that came our way? Our Reticular Activating Systems (RAS) did this for us automatically, because we set a goal that we were motivated to achieve. The RAS is like an intelligent GPS that helps to recognize roadblocks, better routes, and additional opportunities for a more effective journey, as we keep feeding it more data.

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